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So excited to have another year in Redwater. This will be my 9th year in 6th grade math at Redwater ISD. I have a background in most all grade levels 3rd through 10th. For seven years I was also a Math and Science Coach. So much has changed in the last 26 years I've been in education, and I have loved every minute. Can't wait to see what tomorrow holds for all of our learners.

6th grade math will cover al the state required skills. Our classroom is a cooperative learning environment. We will have homework daily and it is due the following school day. It is important that they work on the homework independently, so that I can see what they can do and what they need more support and instruction on with me.
6th grade advanced math will cover all the math skills and concepts in the regular 6th grade math class AND the 7th grade readiness skills. This will prepare these students for the Pre Algebra class next year in junior high.
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6th Grade Math Teacher
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